Diet Soap®
- A slimming soap!

Diet Lotion Diet Soap® is hand made from eight essential oils recognized for their physical and therapeutic benefits.
Diet Soap contains only Essential Oils and Natural Oils.
These two essential oils, Geranium and Lavendar are added to a blend of:

  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • trangerine
  • orange
  • lime
  • spearmint

While bathing with Diet Soap®, the benefits are more than just healthy skin. Through skin absorption, a portion of our essential oil soap passes through the epidermis layers, then through the blood stream to benefit other areas of your body. These particular oils aid the breaking down of cellulite, and are calming to the stomach. Lose weight in the shower? Try Diet Soap® and experience the difference. Our essential oil soap adds new dimensions to the healthiness of bathing.

Diet Soap®     $7.50 / bar

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