Our Philosophy

Diet Soap Philosophy

We at Diet Soap™ make and distribute all natural essential oil soap and lotion. Developing our formulas was a long and tedious process. Our development philosophy is rooted in the ancient healing properties of essential oils. Essential oils are widely recognized for their preventive and relief benefits for many ailments of the body. Our products are made from premier sources of essential oils and use only natural ingredients. We are very proud of our products and continue to improve on our formulas.

Our products - Diet Soap™ and Diet Lotion - are made from essential oils that have therapeutic benefits, utilizing the principle of skin absorption for healthy skin and the experience of our slimming soap. We focus on six (6) essential oils: grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, orange, lime and spearmint. These oils can help you suppress your appetite, break down cellulite, and are calming to the stomach. These oils are specifically chosen as effectual aids toward your maintenance of a balanced and healthy body.