Skin Absorption
- To Aid Your Diet

Diet Lotion

When we are healthy, there is a balanced cycle that takes place between our cravings and what we put in our bodies. Likewise the cycle is unbalanced when we are unhealthy. Many of us know this from experience. When we let ourselves go, it becomes an uphill battle. When we are taking care of ourselves, it is just psychologically easier to stay in that groove. Those of us who know both sides of that equation, cling to that knowledge when we decide to pull ourselves “from the dark side.”
Bathing is an essential part of living. Consider this- Both healthy and toxic substances can find their way into our bodies through many avenues - our breathing, our eating and drinking, and through our skin. Skin absorption is a route by which healthy substances can and do enter our body. You know the healthy benefit of focusing yourself mentally and spiritually. Through your daily bathing, start focusing on your skin - and your body via your skin - with the high maintenance that it deserves. Start by using Diet Soap and Diet Lotion today.